Hi, gamers 🕹! In this post, we’re officially announcing our partnership with holder.finance — the project behind $HFi and $HFS, a dual token model, and a gasless trading app. Please read the details of our collaboration on this post.

HFi — Holder Finance

A highly scarce, community-centric value retention token that resides on the Ethereum Defi network.

  • HFi aims to become the best store of value token in Defi: Multi rewards for HFi tokens holders
  • HFi has a very high scarcity: the release of the total supply over 10 years
  • A very low supply: A fixed 1,000 HFi tokens total supply
  • Main product built…

Konichiwa Gamers!

As promised, we are doing FUD NFT airdrop with the JEM Digger NFT Card.

We mentioned that we will do top 200 JEM wallet holders. Here is how this will play out:

Next 24 hours we will airdrop 50 NFTs to top 50 wallets as per Etherscan as part of the 1st Trench.

Then you have 3 days to dig for more JEMs, to get into the 2nd Trench.

Depending on how this will go, and we do see more new wallets full of JEMs, we will continue this to 200 as previously planned.

It’s all in your hands gamers!

Read more about FUD Degen Studio here https://www.degen.studio

Hi gamers 🕹! In this post we’re officially announcing our partnership with degen.studio — the project behind $FUD Finance and Don’t Rug Me (DRM). Checkout the rest of this post for details on our collaboration.

About Degen Studio

$FUD Finance

$FUD is the coin used in degen.studio’s Web3 ecosystem. This includes: $FUD only NFT purchases, membership tier purchases and farming $GATR.

The $FUD team designed their token to be a “gateway ” asset — a gateway for crypto with a comedic twist. $FUD can be found on the top DEXs: Uniswap and Balancer.

$FUD team is going to release the game as a physical set…

Hi gamers 🕹️! Today we’re announcing our first CEX listing. Hotbit is scheduled to list $JEM 💎 on November 19th, 2020. For a full breakdown of trading, deposit and withdrawal times checkout the rest of this post👇.


💱 Summary

Read Hotbit’s official announcement here: https://hotbit.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360057659994


  • Start Time: 2020.11.19 08:00 AM UTC


  • Start Time: 2020.11.19 10:00 AM UTC


  • Start Time: 2020.11.19 10:00 AM UTC

Trading Pairs


Token Details ($JEM 💎)

Project Name:Itchiro

Abbreviation:JEM 💎

Token type: ERC-20

Total supply: 30,000 JEM 💎

Circulation supply: 8,631.41 JEM 💎

Official Website: https://itchiro.com/

Contract Address: https://etherscan.io/token/0x21cf09bc065082478dcc9ccb5fd215a978dc8d86

⭐ Promotion (Hotbit Users)

  • Hotbit users exclusively enjoy “Minus Maker Means Minus Transaction Fee” mechanism. …

Hi gamers 🕹! This is our first community update post. Two weeks feels like a long time, learn about everything we’ve been working on from November 1st till now. We’ll also share some important events you should keep an eye on this month.


Old Business

Presale · Uniswap Listing · Liquidity Locking · Minting the 30,000 JEM Token Supply · Disabling Minting Function · Vesting Team Tokens · Mining · Airdrop Winners · Trading · External Relations (PR/Marketing/Appearances) · Transparency

New Business

🌽 CoinVille · 🇯🇵 Shinobi · 🤖 Technology · 🤝 Partnerships · 📈 Listings

Old Business

👾 Presale

  • Start Time: 2 pm EST on Saturday, October…

We believe it’s important to keep gamers informed on how Itchiro moves on. Following our path to spread the word on Itchiro in the DeFi community, we were interviewed by GemSpecialist on Telegram on Nov 11th. Here is the transcription of the live interview with Mario; have a good read!

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

Question 1: Some here are familiar with this project, but others are not. Kindly give us a summary of what Itchiro Games all about? From concept, use case, etc.

Thanks, @AMAspecialist, for the kind invite! — Mario.

The purpose of Itchiro Games is to create infrastructure on Ethereum for both gamers and game studios — to manage the lifecycle of game assets (NFTs).

The purpose of Itchiro Games is to create infrastructure on Ethereum for both gamers and game…

こんにちは gamers 🕹️! In this post we’re introducing HIPPO 🦛, a holder incentive program for JEM/ETH LP and $JEM 💎 holders! First competition starts today November 9th, 2020 and ends on November 24th, 2020. Good luck!

The 📍is moving!


📍Pre-sale ➡️ Mining ➡️ NFT Marketplace ➡️ NFT Mobile Wallet ➡️ Games


➡️Pre-sale ➡️ Mining 📍NFT Marketplace ➡️ NFT Mobile Wallet ➡️ Games


Hello fellow gamers 🕹️! We’re officially done with the milestones that helped launch our project (pre-sale and mining). …

Konnichiwa gamers 🕹️! In this post we’ll be releasing key information about Liquidity Mining Program I (LMPI), which includes: distribution amounts, dates, pairs and target APYs. Happy mining ⚒️️!

Welcome JEM 💎 Mountain gamers 🕹️!

Come travel to $JEM 💎 Mountain on Sunday November 8th at 12pm EST. $JEM Mountain is Itchiro’s mining location 😉. Our mining pools will be made available for $JEM 💎 holders looking to provide liquidity on the JEM/ETH V2 pool on Uniswap. You can find the JEM/ETH liquidity pool here:


For the upcoming mining program, you’ll need to purchase $JEM 💎 tokens. …

Hi gamers 🕹️! The Itchiro logo, colors, and font are important expressions of our brand identity. They have each been carefully designed and constructed to achieve visual harmony and purpose. Feel free to use the assets below!


This is the Itchiro logo. It is our primary graphic device and should be the first choice when choosing a graphic element to represent the Itchiro brand.

Here’s a PNG version of our new logo below, feel free to save this file for any PR or marketing related activities 👇.

Wordmark. Minimum digital size: 25 pixels (height)


Pastel Turquoise

  • RGB(108,174, 269)

Stone Black

  • RGB(52, 52, 52)

Pastel Salmon

  • RGB(237,193, 183)

Hi gamers 🕹️! This post will cover updates to our economic model including DEV fund buy back, gaming protocol economics and upcoming listings.

We’re super excited for whats coming in Q4 2020 for Itchiro. We expect $JEM’s 💎 value to slowly stabilize over the next 2 weeks as we start launching milestones from our economics and technology roadmap. We’re releasing an official Community Update post on Thursday — it’ll summarize important events from our presale and UniSwap listing (including liquidity locking, DEV fund/proceeds vesting schedule and transactions IDs). As an anon team, we know how important it is to make…

Itchiro Games

DeFi Protocol for blockchain games. 100% community owned. 🎮

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