How to add $JEM 💎 to MetaMask

Learn how to add $JEM to your MetaMask wallet in 30 seconds.

Hi gamers 🕹️!

Here’s a quick tutorial for those of you wondering how to add $JEM 💎 to your MetaMask wallet. This method should work for most Web3 wallets supporting Ethereum. If you don’t have MetaMask installed on your browser, you can download it here.

Step 1) Find the $JEM 💎 Token Contract Address

The $JEM💎 token contract address is the following:


You can also check the Etherscan address here. This address will come in handy in the next steps.

Step 2) Open Your MetaMask Wallet

If you’ve installed MetaMask on your browser, go to the top right corner of the screen, you will see the MetaMask fox logo. Click on the icon, a window will drop and should look like this 👇.

Step 3) Adding $JEM 💎 to Your Wallet

Here’s a step by step breakdown on how to add $JEM 💎 as a custom token in your MetaMask wallet. Every step is accompanied by its screenshot below.

A) Click on the “Add Token” button at the bottom of the window.
B) Click on “Custom Token” in the menu bar.
C) Click on the “Token Contract Address” input field of the form.
D) Paste 0x21cf09BC065082478Dcc9ccB5fd215A978Dc8d86 and click “Next” on the bottom right.
E) Click on the “Add Tokens” button on the bottom right.
F) Click on the top left button “Wallet/JEM” to go back.

You Successfully Added $JEM 💎 to Your Wallet! 🥳

Congratulations! You’ve now added $JEM 💎 to your wallet. Your MetaMask window should look like this (plus some $JEM 💎 tokens ;).

Now what?

Trading 👇

Checkout live prices feeds and charts on DexTools:

Trade on UniSwap:

  • Remember to use low slippage 0.5% — 1% max, else, bots will frontrun your transaction.

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